Monday, April 16, 2018


love overtook him as he sat before his screen
 he tried to rationalize inside what everything could mean
her look paralyzed his movements
and hit him in his soul
euphoric and beautifully
out of control
like nothing he'd encountered of had ever seen before
he'd wrap his arms around her
and she'd leave him wanting more
a kiss on her hand
gently move her hair from her face
his feet off of the ground
the two floating in outer space
talking of the future
analyzing the stakes
absolutely gratifying
walking by the lake
he doesn't want to burden her
she's pristine and composed
he's got a few issues
he considers letting go
but he can see in her eyes
she wants him by her side
he can tell by her embrace
and the sound of her sigh
he takes a breath, looks up and thanks God
for this night
and isn't certain how,
but knows that everything alright

The seven seals

use me as an instrument
to speak to the down trodden
the hopeless, the shacjled the forgotten
the blind, and hungry the lame
the poverse
remove my arrogance
and doubt 
and everything that is not of your works
I'm not perfect-
but you know this 
more I could
Jesus said it best
no, not one among is good
that's right,
all have fallen short of His glory and sight
so whatever I write-
let be ordained by your spirit
and exposed by your light
it's not by might nor by power 
but in the Spirit says the the King
So I'll abide in your presence
and let your essence bless my being
I said I'll walk under you shadow
beside still waters I'll lay
I will dance in the valley
and arise in the day
with praise on lips
and a song in my soul
with hands held in reverence
and follow and everywhere you go
and when your tabernacle shakes the earth
I'll be dancing in the streets
saying "Behold His Kingdom
Behold the Prince of peace"
unshakable- uneffected
undaunted in my faith